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Finding fixtures and fittings for the furniture you intend to use in your project, is an important task and quite often it carries with it a considerable investment. The new look chosen will characterize the entire space for years and perhaps decades. In this guide, we have compiled a series of questions and answers to help you choose the right furniture for your project.

I have been given the task of sorting out new furniture for our project. How should I go about it?

Why should we get our furniture from ANACO?

How does the process of getting new furniture work in practice, and how can ANACO help me along the way?

What rooms can I furnish with ANACO’s products?

I have been given the task of sorting out new furniture for our office. How should I go about it?
Send an email with details of the project you have in mind. We shall gather all the necessary information and book an appointment for you. A member of our staff either from the H.O. (if the project is quite big or complicated) or a local dealer will get in touch with you to help you assess your needs and objectives, timescale and other details.

Why should we get furniture from ANACO?
·    ANACO is a reliable partner with strong presence in the furniture industry, reliable subcontractors, appealing product range with a minimal and modernistic approach, and 40 years of experience in furnishing public premises.
·    To a great extent the product range is based on the Scandinavian Design School, and they stand the test of wear and tear over time.
·    All of the products featured complement each other and combine into practical interior solutions.
·    By combining different designs, colours and materials from our wide range of options, we can create a unique look that is just right for your project.
·    In larger projects, we can customize our products to meet your specific needs or make completely new products according to your design suggestions.
·    Products are generally dispatched within 30 days from order. Certain product ranges however can be dispatched at extremely short notice.

How does the process of sourcing new furniture work in practice, and how can ANACO help me along the way

We assign a specific contact person just for you. Your designated contact person will work closely with you, providing assistance and advice every step of the way. Your contact person will be an architect, expert in interior decoration as well as your link to all of our interior and product designers and other resources.

Contact Us: The quickest way is through a simple email. All correspondence is logged and constantly monitored. A telephone appointment will be booked and your project details will be noted. If possible, a floor plan, in AutoCAD or DXF format, of the rooms you want to furnish, or a scaled sketch will help us understand and identify certain details and perhaps clear up any problematic areas. Then we shall assign a contact person to deal with you specifically, helping you with your needs and objectives, your timescale and other constraints. Our experts will use the information you have provided to produce a design that satisfies your needs. Our experts work with professionalism backed by years of experience. In addition, they have access to ADA, our own design assistant tool.

Proposal: We use the information that you have given us to produce a design that meets your needs, and a quotation for the included products. We are happy to go through our proposal with you and suggest alternatives should you wish

Delivery and Installation: We shall deliver the products to your premises or the designated area according to the specified schedule based on other terms and conditions that we have agreed together. We shall fix the furniture in place and arrange for the recycling of all the packaging materials.

Supplementary Orders: Your designated contact person will be happy to help you with any supplementary orders you may wish to place to complement your existing set-up.

What rooms can I furnish with ANACO’s products?

Our furnishing solutions cover:
·    All different shapes and styles of office space: open-plan offices, teamwork stations, call centers, private offices
·    Foyers, entrance halls and waiting areas
·    Meeting and conference facilities
·    Cafeterias
·    Customer service areas for banks, car showrooms, specialist stores and healthcare centers
Hotels and restaurants.

In addition to the above a whole range of learning environments is covered, from pre-school to universities and adult education centers, with furnishings, for:

·    Foyers
Seminar rooms
IT classrooms
·    Canteens.

We also furnish nursing environments, such as care homes and assisted living facilities for the elderly or the disabled.

These are only a few examples of the different ways our products can be used. For more information on the suitability of different products to cover your specific needs, contact us






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